Our mission

Sylphase LLC designs extensible GNSS/INS systems for industrial and academic applications. Our GNSS/INS technology fuses satellite navigation observables with inertial sensor measurements into an optimal estimate of your platform's position, velocity, and attitude.


Sylphase's GNSS/INS technology makes no assumptions about platform dynamics, allowing for use without any application-specific setup or tuning.


USB connectivity

Fast interface to hardware for development and testing.

Automatic magnetometer calibration

No need for manual hard/soft magnetic calibration.

Robust operation

Singularity-free position and attitude representations ensure perfect operation in all situations. Tested in simulation at poles, equator, and meridians.

Modular software

Create arbitrary processing pipelines with our GNSS/INS software toolkit.

GNSS support

Current support for GPS L1+L2C, GLONASS L1+L2, and Galileo E1.

Support for PPS output or timestamping input

Accurately synchronize our GNSS/INS with your other sensors.